Registration Policy and
Terms and Conditions


1. All registrations should be registered at Sincera Mayle Consulting website; with accurate information. As participant 
  will receive notifications and updates (confirmation, postponement and cancellation) through email and/or mobile number.
2. The registration is advisable to be done at least ten (10) working days before the commencement date of the training programme.
3. Sincera Mayle Consulting will contact the participants about the details of the training programme before the public training is scheduled to  


1. Full payment shall be made before or on the public training date, except for training course to be claimed under HRDC claimable course.
2. All payments shall be made in Malaysian Ringgit.
3. All prices listed are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and subject to Sales and Services Tax (SST) and any other taxes which will be charged at the  
   prevailing rate where applicable.
4. Payment can be done via card or bank transfer only and invoice to issue upon receiving payment.
5. For organization wish to claim the public training course under HRDC claimable course, Sincera Mayle Consulting will contact the 
    participant/organization separately for payment advice.
6. Sincera Mayle Consulting shall not be held responsible if the participants/organization unable to obtain claim from the HRDC claimable course. 
    The invoice will issue to participant / organization for payment purpose.


1. In the event of a training course cancellation being received twenty-one (21) working days or less before the course, the participant/organization i
   is liable for the full course fee and any expenses incurred by Sincera Mayle Consulting pertaining to the course as stated in the confirmation 
   email and/or invoice. All cancellations must be made in writing.
2. Registered participant who is unable to attend the training may nominate a substitute at no charge. Details of substitute to be provided to 
    Sincera Mayle Consulting via (1-2 days before training).
3. If the cancellation is triggered by Sincera Mayle Consulting, we will make full refund of all payments made or recommend the registered 
    participants to transfer to the same course on the new planned dates.


1. The certificate is awarded only if the participant participates with >85% of the training programme.
2. All the training certificates issued to participants are e-certificates and only email to participants when the payment is completed.

In house Training Programme

1. All training programmes appears in Sincera Mayle Consulting Training Calendar can also be conducted as an in-house training program at 
   company premises and as per requested training dates.
2. Please request more details via “Contact us” for more information on in-house training programme.

Pandemic SOP

1. For physical or face-to-face training, all participants are required to adhere to the MKN / HRDC latest guidelines or SOP during the pandemic,       

   a) Fully vaccinated

   b) Temperature scan and contact tracing.

   c) All participants in a training must wear face masks.

   d) Hand sanitiser must be made available at training facilities.

   e) All participants must maintain a distance of one (1) metre.

   f) To ensure that there is ample space between participants in line with physical distancing.

Disclaimer and Copyright

1. Sincera Mayle Consulting reserves the right to cancel, postpone or make changes to any training programme including the trainer(s), dates,  
  venue, programme contents or other matters without prior notice.
2. Sincera Mayle Consulting will not bare the cost to participants / organization due to the training cancellation/postponement of training date 
    without prior notice.
3. The training is inclusive of e-certificates, course notes (either soft or hardcopy), lunch and refreshments (for physical training only).
4. Sincera Mayle Consulting reserves the right to amend the training price and/or course outline if necessary to comply with any applicable law or 
    regulatory requirement, or if the amendment will not materially affect the nature or quality of the training.
5. No video and / or voice recording of the training sessions are allowed unless it is to be used by Sincera Mayle Consulting as part of the training 
    purpose or submission to authority for verification / reference purpose.
6. No part of the training materials may be reproduced, processed, copied or distributed in any form whatsoever using electronic systems or other 
    means without the prior written consent of Sincera Mayle Consulting.
7. Upon completion of registration, you are deemed to have fully read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions stated herein.