[Online / Physical] Strategic Thinking for Leaders


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In today’s highly competitive business environment, employees must gain strategic planning and thinking skills for better planning and decision-making to obtain targeted goals. Strategic planning and thinking both are essential skills for any employee in an organization. The era of digital revolution and disruptive geo-political forces has created a new reality for organizations across most industries. Whatever your business strategy is today, it will likely need to be different few years from now as we strive to understand and live in the COVID-19 new normalcy. This Strategic Thinking Essentials for Leaders workshop, which focus on strategic thinking and future-focused leadership, participants will learn how to strengthen their critical mental skills and apply them to complex, important decisions. Strategic mindset enables new ways of framing and solving emerging business challenges. It also helps develop your strategic planning and thinking skills at any business level that enables organizations to grow. This course also includes an assessment that will help you access your proficiency in strategic planning and thinking.


This course will provide practical tools and techniques for participants to:

  • Understand key concepts of Strategic Thinking and Management
  • Learn how to assess the alignment of their current strategy and current and future market conditions
  • Use a strategic framework to organize thinking and make decisions
  • Learn to set aside past solutions that may not work to solve future challenges


Learning Outcome:

Sharpen participant’s critical thinking skills with a foresight mindset to:

  • Recognize critical trends and patterns in their internal and external environments shaping the future
  • Apply strategic thinking to business challenges in any role in the organization
  • Understand the role of collective leadership set them on the path to generate solutions for today and tomorrow’s problems
  • Become more proactive and able to move forward in times of uncertainty


Course Outlines:

Day 1

M1: Systems Thinking Fundamentals

Being a successful professional requires creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial thinking, and to continually have a problem-solving mindset. As a systems thinker, you are expected to engage complex problems from multiple perspectives and different angles, viewing them holistically.

Day 2

M2: Creative Disruption

In the wake of COVID-19, there is a need to radically change our existing conventions to engage business in the new normal.

M3: Rollercoaster of Change

Things happen that derail our plans and the test of a successful leader is how he/she responds to the changes that happen, pivots tore vise the strategy for success, and implements the revised strategy.


Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Leaders and professionals who have to support business priorities
  • Business people who wish to progress in their organization
  • Emerging leaders



  • Basic understanding of business.
  • A willingness to complete basic thinking exercises.



  • This is a two (2) days course from 0900-1700 (Face to Face or Remote Online Training is available upon arrangement).


Training With Sincera Mayle Consulting Means:

  • Delegates will be trained by experienced tutors who are passionate to share their knowledge. 
  • Reliable and trusted experts with years of hands-on experience to enhance delegates’ learning curve. 
  • Sincera Mayle Consulting is recognized training provider by Exemplar Global.


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