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[Online / Physical] Transforming Businesses For Resilience

[Online / Physical] Transforming Businesses For Resilience


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This program is designed in bits over 15 years of engagements with several Fortune 500 multi-industry organizations. Do you feel that your organization is struggling with the inevitable change that the COVID-19 pandemic or the new normal presents? Do you want to get your business out of this quagmire and transform your business from a routine one to get loaded with energy, more focused and dynamic? Transformative business refers to bringing about a fundamental change in business operations. It is so crucial especially during this moment in time where uncertain business environment posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and introduction of new normal, transformative business may just be a matter of survival. The change can be introduced to the processes, people, or technological systems in an organization to align the organization to the constantly changing external business environment caused by the present uncertainty. This Transforming Businesses for Resilience program will empower you to drive business productivity in this ever-changing environment and help you address the challenges at any stage of your business strategy timely and ensure the success of your organization’s blueprint.



This program empowers participants to:

  • Understand the need of transforming the organization. 
  • Identifying the challenges where the business will encounter in this journey of taking the next step.
  • Identify new business opportunities which were earlier missing due to the old ways of working.
  • Equip the management team with methods, tools, and skills required to execute the best strategy in a constantly changing business environment.
  • Understand changes in consumer behavior and take the right and timely decisions.


Learning Outcome:

The program benefits both the organization and the delegates.

Benefits to the organization:

  • Meet the current business challenges head on for sustainability
  • Adapt the business to emerging thought process and changing the environment around them
  • Learn tools and techniques to transition the business to the next level
  • Understand new models of leadership and how each can impact behaviors
  • Increased ROI

Benefits for the participants:

  • Develop their ability to lead change in the business
  • Develop their ability to apply their strategic thinking skills to take the business to the next level
  • Plan transformation for sustainability and adaptability to future business trend
  • Learn new things with a new perspective
  • More open to new opportunities and trends
  • Understand how they can impact the results of their team as a leader
  • Increased awareness of self to taking business decisions
  • A conscious understanding of human needs, fears, and motivation


Course Outlines:

We employ adult learning techniques to ensure better comprehension and retention of the contents shared. Highly interactive presentations accompany group, individual exercises, case studies, reflections, and decisions. 

Delegates would be able to take stock of the current business scenario of their organization vis-à-vis the emerging market trend. This will help them evaluate and plan for transformation. 

We adopt the DO-REVIEW-LEARN-APPLY approach.

Day 1

Module 1: Adaptability & Resilience

Understanding transformation and organizational resilience, and what it takes to transform businesses helps organizations to reinvent itself purposefully. It sets a stage to highlight the importance of the business ecosystem’s ability to respond to disruption. Change is fundamental to any organization’s survival.

Module 2: Harness Your Strength Through Its Disruptors

It is important for organizations to discern the role and empowering leadership in transformative resilience. It takes the vision and shapes the future of the business. Taking stock of the current state of the business, transformative resilience focuses on the risks and threats, guides organizations to visualize and define the end state. It also explains the link and relationship between risk and business resilience.

Day 2

Continue with Module 2

Module 3: Act on Your Ubiquitous Connectivity

Every organization has its own unique culture and taking that into consideration, change management has to be properly deployed, guided and resistance mitigated to ensure that the transformation implemented brings the organization forward.

Module 4: Allocate and Manage Your Resources

Driving transformative resiliency, agility and predictability, organizations need to evolve in their ecosystem (supply chain) planning to deliver better business outcomes, even in times of change. Intelligent workflows increase efficiencies across all facets of the organization making your business more responsive for employees and customers. It improves transformation by strategically integrating proven business processes and emerging technologies to proactively mitigate disruptions, allowing organizations to have what it requires and where it needs it to impact its importance to the transformation journey.

Day 3

Continue with Module 4

Module 5: Transformative Resilience

Daily uncertainty, mounting pressures and increasing global challenges requires organizations to have better clarity on hand to make quick decisive decisions. To do this effectively, decision makers need to understand the key concepts, know what actions to consider in response to and find the insights compelling enough to take action. Transformative resilience is the ability to turn change and disruption into opportunities and strength, and oriented towards forward motion.


Who Should Attend This Course?

Managers, Business stakeholders and anyone who wants to build resilience in their business.



  • There is no formal pre-requisite prior attending to this course.



  • This is a three (3) days course from 0900-1700 (Face to Face or Remote Online Training is available upon arrangement).


Training With Sincera Mayle Consulting Means:

  • Delegates will be trained by experienced tutors who are passionate to share their knowledge. 
  • Reliable and trusted experts with years of hands-on experience to enhance delegates’ learning curve. 
  • Sincera Mayle Consulting is recognized training provider by Exemplar Global.


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