[Online / Physical ] Integrated Management System (ISAO 14001 & 145001) Internal Auditor


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When organizations integrate their Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (OH&SMS) and Quality Management Systems (QMS), means to integrate the management systems into one platform by implementing a single solution that controls risks & opportunities for product & services, customer requirements & satisfaction, environmental impacts and health & safety hazards. The organization can use integrated auditing models to provide a much broader scope and fewer audits. KPIs & objectives are become more aligned and strategic to business direction. The methodology to carry out integrated management systems internal audit is crucial to provide an audit results for top management to make risk-based decision and continually improve its integrated management systems. Effective internal audit requires competence auditors. By using simulation audit / case study, this course is able to strengthen the delegates’ understanding and providing concept of how to plan and conduct an effective integrated management systems internal audit in accordance with process and risk-based approach. 



  • To understand the auditing process based on the ISO 19011 guidelines for auditing the integrated management systems.
  • To provide knowledge and learn the necessary skills to plan, conduct, report and follow up of an internal audit.


Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of the training, delegates will have the ability to perform their role as auditors, starts from planning, conducting, reporting and follow-up an internal audit. This including attaining the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understand the audit steps and terminology.
  • The principles of auditing.
  • Understand how to develop an audit plan and audit checklists.
  • Understand how to audit the process, risk and performance of integrated management systems, including collecting audit evidence. 
  • Ability to prepare and distribute the audit report.
  • Ability to conduct audit follow up.


Course Outline:

The course covers tutorial, discussions, simulation audit and/or facilitated activities.

Day 1

  • Opening and introduction
  • Integrated Management Systems Framework
  • Understanding of Process and Risk-Based Approach
  • Principle of Internal Auditing
  • Overview of Internal Auditing
  • Auditors’ Responsibilities
  • Planning for the audit
  • Conducting the Audit


Day 2

  • Simulation Audit / Case Study
  • Audit Review and Report Writing
  • Presentation of Audit Findings
  • Audit Follow Up
  • Course summary


Who Should Attend This Course?

  • This course is intended for those who are appointed as internal auditors to audit the integrated management systems and suitable for delegates from various functions and levels.
  • The integrated management system committees.
  • All personnel who are coordinating / organizing internal audit activities within the organization.
  • Existing auditors who wish to refresh their skills.


Personal Certification:

  • This course is certified by Exemplar Global (Exemplar Global is a global organization that certifies both individuals and training providers).
  • Contact us for more details on its benefits upon enrollment with this certification.



  • Preferable the delegates to have Integrated Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001) awareness prior attending to this course.



  • This is a two-days course from 0900-1700 (Face to face or Remote Online Training is available upon request).


Training With Sincera Mayle Consulting Means:

  • Delegates will be trained by experienced tutors who are passionate to share their knowledge. 
  • Reliable and trusted experts with years of hands-on experience to enhance delegates’ learning curve.


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